Individual & Family Therapy

If you feel you might benefit from participating in individual, family or couples therapy please contact or call (818) 257-2902 to schedule an appointment.

Many people wait far too long to consider the possible benefits of talking to a professional for help in their lives or relationships.  If depression or anxiety is affecting your ability to function in your daily life, it’s time to get help.  If your child seems out of control and nothing you’ve tried has worked, it’s time to get help.  If your marriage seems headed for divorce, it’s time to get help.


However the benefits of working with a therapist can be as  great or greater for many seemingly milder issues.  The problems listed above are the equivalent of waiting until you are having a heart attack to see a doctor.  The doctors will do their best to help you.  If you survive the initial crisis and take extreme measures to turn your health around, you may be able to make a full recovery.  Or it might be too late.  But regardless, it would have been a lot better if you could have seen a doctor when your health was starting to decline.  Then, perhaps you could have made small changes in your life to avoid getting to the point where your heart gave out.

If your marriage is on the brink of divorce, it’s time to find a therapist.  But if your problems are less severe and you are wondering if you should even bother talking to a professional about them, it may be the best possible time to do so.  I encourage you to contact me and examine ways you might put down the emotional chili cheese fries and start going to the relationship gym.

Am I taking the metaphor too far?