Referral Seekers

What is the Revolution Referral Network?
The purpose of the Revolution Referral Network is to connect people seeking support and guidance in making positive changes in their lives with qualified professionals experienced in helping others in similar situations.

What will participating in the Revolution Referral Process look like?
If you choose to participate in the Revolution Referral Process you will meet with a clinician to discuss your needs and goals and a follow-up appointment will be scheduled. At the follow-up appointment to clinician will present you with a report containing four sections:

1. A summary of the needs and goals that you expressed as the clinician understood them.
2. A clinical assessment of those needs containing information on the frequency with which similar problems occur for others and clinical understanding of the issue, including references for more information.
3. A recommendation for treatment or support to best address the issue including discussion of specific types of treatment, what they are, and why they are most appropriate for your situation. This section will also include references to more information about the treatment types described.
4. Referrals to professionals in your area who are qualified and experienced in the described issue and treatment type along with a disclosure of each professionals relationship and history with the Revolution Referral Network.

You will receive a copy of the report and it is up to you whether you choose to contact any or all of the referrals and pursue further support for your issue.  If you choose to contact the referrals and do not find any of the providers satisfactory, your assessing clinician will continue to work with you to find a provider that is preferable to your needs.

Why not just contact a therapist or other professional directly?

Most people seeking therapy or other support will find a therapist through the internet or a referral from a friend in therapy.  However, just as there are many types of medical doctors with different specialties and experience, all therapists are not created equal, and you want to find the person that is right for you.   There are many types of therapeutic treatment models, theories, and interventions and many therapists with varying levels of experience and qualifications.  The Revolution Referral Process will help you to better understand your needs and educate you as to the available types of treatment for meeting your needs and why they are more likely to be successful.

Will I ever be referred to my assessing clinician?

Yes.  If your clinician possesses the necessary qualifications to support you with your need and the availability, they may be included in the list of referrals along with their qualifications and experience.  You will also receive at least two other referrals to similarly qualified professionals and no pressure to choose your assessing clinician.

How do I sign up?

email or call (818)257-2902