Wedding Officiation

Zach Stones officiates a wedding for the Franks.

Your wedding is a special day, it should be memorable and unique to match the union being affirmed.  Even more importantly is that you enter that union as prepared as possible to maintain it through a long and happy life.  I offer a unique service combining pre-marital counseling and officiation of your ceremony.  As we explore the aspects of your relationship that make you unique and strong, we will also be collaborating in the creation of a ceremony that will reflect your personal values and beliefs and be enjoyed by your friends and families.

In addition to my experience as a therapist, I have over one thousand hours of performance experience in front of live audiences.  This background gives me the experience and skills to strike the perfect tone for your ceremony as well as make sure that any unexpected events that occur during the ceremony become cherished memories and not wedding disaster stories.

A typical wedding package includes six couple sessions in addition to the wedding rehearsal and ceremony.  On the day you spend hundreds of dollars for a cake, make an investment in your relationship that will last you a lifetime.  For more information and references contact or call (818)257-2902.